february 2004 - july 2005

Scene prep artist

    The Wild

C.O.R.E. Feature Animation

Planned and composed animated scenes for feature films. Responsible for plotting camera placement and motion, positioning of props and characters. Checked and maintained cg assets according to the requirements of the scenes.

1996 - 2004

Layout artist

    A Few Good Ghosts

    Brother Bear

    Lilo and Stitch



Walt Disney Feature Animation

Planned and composed animated scenes for feature films. Responsible for plotting camera placement and motion, drawing characters, props, effects, and background elements. Final rendering of background and static elements prior to painting. Created 3d models and camera/lighting setups using maya for use as layout reference. Created final background models using nurbs geometry. Created animatic (pre-vis) layouts to set up camera position, cutting and shot pacing.

may - june 1999

Walt Disney Imagineering

Produced illustrations and planned animations for selected installations within the animation pavilion at the Disney's California Adventure theme park, Anaheim.

may - july 1998

Walt Disney Feature Animation

Supervised layout and design of a ten room mural/installation at the pediatric wing of the Walt Disney Memorial Cancer Center, Florida Hospital, Orlando.


Walt Disney Imagineering

Designed theme park graphics for Disney/MGM Studios

1995 - 1996

Cleanup animator

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Walt Disney Feature Animation

Rendered tight, camera-ready character animation, using rough animation and cleaned-up keyframes as a guide.

june 2007 - june 2014

Lead layout TD

   Guardians of the Galaxy

Broadcast Advertising:

        Cushelle: Cloud Factory

         Nationwide: Out of the Dark

         Channel 4 Paralympics Promo

    World War Z

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: II

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: I

    Prince of Persia

Layout TD

    G I Joe

    Angels and Demons

    Prince Caspian

    Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince

The Moving Picture Company

Supervised and checked the work of a team of layout TDs. Developed training materials, including animated videos, which explained aspects of MPC's pipeline to new starters. This involved scripting, storyboard artwork and animation. Planned and setup CG effects shots. Responsible for maintaining continuity of characters between shots and composing characters within shots. Created rough animation blocking and pre-visualization using Maya and Shake. Maintained and organized the naming of large numbers of CG elements. Developed procedures for assembling and communicating complex shot information to the other artists. Assisted in the troubleshooting of shots during production. Supervised a team of artists in the creation of CG environments.

january 2006 - june 2007

Freelance animation professional

Worked with various partners, both corporate and freelance, to design and coordinate the production of scripted animation projects. Responsible for both design and management tasks. Presented material to clients, and worked with them to ensure that the projects were delivered to their satisfaction.

clients include:

    MGA Entertainment       

    Thunderbean animation

    Doner advertising

    Graphic Kitchen, llc

    Lorge Marketing

    Enlighten Communications

    Encode media group

    Critical Moves motion capture studio

    Competition Graphics

september 2005 - december 2005

Animation instructor

College for Creative Studies

Adjunct faculty responsible for instructing students in traditional, hand drawn, animation techniques. Supervised students and assisted them in the production of their own animated short film projects.

additional projects and duties:

- Produced dvd menu, special effects and color correction for independent short film. - Created independent short animated film.

- Prop design for the short film, "The Window".

- Merchandise design for the Disney Design Group.

industry qualifications / training:


Walt Disney Feature Animation, Orlando, FL

Intensive 14 week Disney animation training program.


1991 - 1994

College for Creative Studies. Detroit, MI

Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts

majored in illustration, graduated with high honours.

additional skills:

software related experience:

- Maya

- Adobe Flash 8

- Adobe Photoshop

- Lightwave

- Final Cut Pro

- Mirage

additional computer experience:

- Basic linux system administration experience

- Completely comfortable with the unix command prompt. shell scripting experience.

- Python, Mel, PHP, HTML, Javascript software development experience.


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